AS Pond Aerator 4

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Aquascape 4-Outlet Aeration Kit

The Aquascape 4-Outlet Pond Aeration Kit effectively oxygenates ponds, helping to keep water healthy, clean and clear. Every process that occurs in your pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important in warmer temperatures or at night when plants are not converting sunlight into oxygen. Aeration can also be used during cold winter months to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond, aiding in de-gassing.

Aerates ponds up to 3,500 gallons. Energy Efficient Design. Wide flat base of pump makes it stable and easy to place.

» 6' electrical cord
» (4) 4" disc
» (4) 25' rolls 3/16" airline tubing
» Pre-installed check valve
» 3-year limited warranty
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