Waterlilies, Lotus, Bog Plants, & Planting Accessories

Waterlilies, Lotus, Bog Plants, & Planting Accessories

From hardy and tropical water lilies to stunning lotus and bog plants, Lilypons offers a huge variety of options to bring life and color to your pond. We strive to provide the healthiest plants possible. Select from the menu below to find the perfect plants for your water garden.

You can have your plants delivered to your doorstep by ordering online or over the phone. Plants are always shipped bare-root and the prices on our website and in our catalog reflect that.

We provide potting instructions with your plants. Newly potted plants will go through about 3-4 weeks of transplant shock before they really start growing and blooming.

If you are coming out to visit our nursery in Adamstown, MD, you also have the option of purchasing plants pre-potted. There are many benefits to opting for these: it is cost effective, and the plants have been established and nourished in our sales tanks.

Important: We only collect bare-root plants from the ponds on weekdays. If you wish to pick up bare root plants on the weekend, we ask that you call in your order by 11 am the Friday before, so we can get it ready for you.