Egyptian Paper Reed

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Cyperus papyrus

A large plant that can attain mature heights exceeding 10 ft. when growing unrestricted in its native climates, it is unlikely to exceed 4 ft. in our backyard environments. The seed heads are large, feathery and showy. Certainly beautiful when allowed to grow in a large pond setting or as a stand alone specimen in a patio container. This plant was used to paper and woven mats in ancient times.

Native to Africa and the tropics of Asia.

Habit/ Height: Vertical to 14 feet, (typically less than 48")
Water depth: 0-6" over the soil
Light: Full to partial sun
Bloom: Summer
Flower color: Brown
Hardiness: Zones 9-11
Recommended container size: 8" or larger.
Shipment prohibited to: RI, HI and PR.

Shipment restricted to: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY and UT. These states require a $10 phyto-sanitary inspection certificate for all plant shipments. It will be added to the shipping charges. Click here for scheduled ship dates for these states.

More Information
Growing Habit Upright
Light Required Part Sun
Size Large
Type/ Subcategory Tropical
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