Floating Island Planters

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Floating Island Planters

Floating Island Planters will accommodate a wide range of bog plants. Choose from the 9", 12", or 16". Imagine a pot of rainbow plant floating on your shaded pond, providing color all summer long! You can do just that with the Island Planters. Floating on the surface, the plants are less susceptible to damage from large koi, and what better way to add bog plants to a pond without planting shelves? They may be anchored in place to prevent the planter from being pulled into a skimmer box (or sent over a waterfall!). and provide surface cover and shade for ponds without water lilies.

For best results use aquatic planting media. The 9" floating island planters are best suited for surface covering bogs such as rainbow plant, creeping jenny, parrot's feather, or aquatic mint. The 12" floating island planter can accommodate a 12" vertical bog such as spike rush, along with a surface covering bog such as parrot's feather. The 16" island planter may accommodate up to a 24" vertical bog plant such as dwarf umbrella palm, with a surface covering bog plant to cascade over the ring such as creeping jenny.

9": Overall: 9" across x 3.25" - Container dimensions ONLY: 5" across x 2.75" deep
12": Overall: 12" across x 5.5" deep - Container Dimensions ONLY: 8.75" across x 5" deep
16": Overall: 16" across x 6" deep - Container Dimensions ONLY: 11.25" across x 5" deep

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