How To Choose A Filter

How to Choose a Filter

Filters are designed to help pond owners acheive clear and healthy water. GPH indicates gallons per hour. Most filters require a separate Pump. There are four basic types of filters: Pressurized, Gravity Return, Submersible, and Ultra-Violet. Separately or in combination they may utilize u.v. sterilization, biological, mechanical, or chemical means to achieve high water quality. The following steps will help you determine the best choice of filter for your pond.

1. Calculate the total gallons of your pond: rectangle = length x width x depth x 7.5; Circle = (1/2 diameter x 1/2 diameter) x 3.14 x depth x 7.5

2. Take into consideration the type of pond that you have and where you live. If you plan to have Koi, choose a filter that can handle twice the capacity of your pond. If you live in zones 8 or above, add an additional 1/3 to your total gallons. And yes, if you live in zones 8 or above and have Koi double and add 1/3.

3. If your pond is stocked according to our Recommendations and your pond has few or small fish, a submersible mechanical filter such as a PMK Filter and a waterfall filter should be adequate. It is economical and since you have balanced your pond naturally, maintenance shouldn't be excessive.

4. If you're looking for ease of maintenance and crystal clear water and your pond isn't overloaded with fish and has at least 1/2 of the required plants, then a submersible All-in-one filter with UV should work great for you.

5. If you have Koi and/or large fish, then a larger Pressurized Filter may be best for you.

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