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The IonMate Algae Control System will safely and effectively eliminate algae, resulting in less maintenance and providing crystal clear water for ponds and decorative water features. The pure copper alloy proves are efficient and fast at genearting algae-preventative levels of copper ions. The state-of-the-art controller uses a 12 volt power supply costing only pennies a day to run. Safe for fish, pets and aquatic plants.
System features:
Pure copper alloy probes--no bactericidal silver or zinc fillers added
Can be dropped into skimmers, pump vaults, wet wells or any other cavity through which water flows.
Simple to install in any new or existing feature
Easy maintenance or replacement of probes
All-weather design
Compatible with beneficial microbes
30' long UL-certified probe cord
Includes UL-cerfified 12v power supply
Treats up to 25,000 gallons
Safe for fish, pets, and aquatic plants
One-Year Warranty.
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