Joining Liners


During pond construction it is always best to use a single piece of liner, however, in specific construction applications such as extra-large ponds, waterfalls, and streams, it may become necessary to join separate pieces of liner. Apply the following procedures when joining liners.

1. Measure the length of one of the liners edges that is be joined.
2. Acquire enough 3" Double-Sided Seaming Tape and 6" Single-Sided Patching Tape to cover your measurement plus a few extra feet for insurance.
3. Place one liner on a flat, smooth, and firm surface.
4. Clean the areas to be joined with a stiff scrub brush.
5. Using a clean cloth, thoroughly wash the areas to be joined with a solvent such as unleaded gasoline, rubbing alcohol, or paint thinner (as with any volatile substance, wear rubber gloves and use extreme caution).
6. Allow to dry for twenty minutes.
7. Follow steps 2 and 3 with the second liner.
8. Unroll 3" wide seaming tape (sticky side down) on the surface of liner #1.
9. Remove the brown backing paper.
10. Place liner #2 over liner #1.
11. Apply firm hand pressure over the entire area to assure maximum contact and to minimize trapped air bubbles.
12. Roll the seam with a 2" wide steel hand roller or rolling pin - first perpendicular to the seam and then along the length of the seam using firm pressure (a two-step process).
13. Cover the seam with the length of 6" wide single-sided patching tape using firm, even hand pressure to assure maximum contact and to minimize trapped air bubbles. Again, roll with the hand roller or rolling pin as described in step 12.
14. Allow to dry 24 hours.