Patching Damaged Liners

Though pond liners are constructed with extremely durable 45 mil rubber, it is possible however unlikely that they may become damaged accidentally. If this should occur don't panic; just apply the following procedures.

1. Measure the damaged area, i.e. hole, gash, or weakened section of liner.
2. Obtain adequate length of 6" Wide Single-Sided Patching Tape.
3. If the area to be patched is below the water line, the pond must first be drained to below the point of the patch - the tape will not adhere to a damp or wet surface.
4. Clean the area to be patched with a stiff brush.
5. Wipe area thoroughly with a solvent such as paint thinner, rubbing alcohol, or unleaded gasoline. As with any volatile substance of this type use rubber gloves and caution.
6. Allow the area to completely dry (usually at least 20 minutes).
7. Cut the patching tape to a size which allows for at least a 2" overlap around the hole to be patched.
8. Place the patch over the hole and apply firm hand pressure to the patch for 3 to 5 minutes.
9. Allow it to dry for 24 hours.
10. Add Water.