Planting Aquatic Plants

Planting Aquatic Plants

Potting Hardy Waterlilies

1. Fill Lilypons Planting Container half full with heavy top soil or Aquatic Planting Media.
2. Place 2 Lilytabs in position.
3. Add enough soil to fill a Lilypons Planting Container 3/4 full.
4. Position lily with rhizome planted at a 45 degree angle, growing crown up.
5. Gently add soil around roots and tamp down.
6. Keep growing crown (at top of root formation) free of soil.
7. Cover soil with 1/2" of gravel, again keeping crown free.
8. Slowly lower potted lily into pond with a depth of 6-30" over the soil.
9. Waterlilies typically require 2-4 weeks of adjustment before new growth occurs.
10. For best results, feed once or twice monthly with Lilytabs.

Potting Tropical Waterlilies

1. Follow the same procedures as potting hardy lilies except plant the root straight up as opposed to a 45 degree angle.

Potting Lotus

1. Fill Planting Container half full with heavy top soil.
2. Place 6 Lilytabs in position.
3. Fill the rest of the container with soil.
4. Make slight impression in the soil.
5. Gently place lotus tuber in the impression.
6. Carefully cover thickest part (banana shaped) of the tuber with 2" of soil, keeping growing tip 1/2" above soil.
7. Gently place flat rock on covered section of tuber.
8. Slowly, and carefully cover soil surface with 1/2" of gravel, being sure the growth tip is not covered.
9.. Saturate the soil slowly and evenly.
10. Slowly lower the potted lotus so that the soil line is 2-6" from the water surface.
11. For best results, feed once or twice monthly with Lilytabs.

Potting Bog Plants

1. Gently arrange the roots on the soil or Aquatic Planting Media of a partially filled Planting Container.
2. Carefully add soil to the Planting Container, leaving the crown of the plant free. Soil level should be even with the point of the plant where the stem changes from green to white.
3. Gently tamp soil and cover with 1/2" of gravel.
4. Slowly place the potted bog plant at the required depth (1/2" to 6" for most). Check the details for each plant.

Potting Submerged Plants

1. Fill Planting Container with sand.
2. Arrange bunches in Planting Container.
3. Pack sand around banded ends of bunches and cover with 1/2" of gravel.
4. Place potted submerged plants on the bottom of the pond with no more than 30" of water over the gravel.