Pre-filter Intake Protector-La

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Matala EZ Bio 20 Pre-filter, Large

Protects the pump intake, while providing great biological filtration!

A true pre-filter. Hands-off pump protection virtually eliminates pump maintenance, while enhancing biological filtration by providing surface area (within the media) for nitrifying bacteria. A truly ingenious product!
Attaches directly to the pump intake via the following methods:

Option 1) Attach with a piece of 1" ID tubing or 1-1/4" ID tubing or 1-1/2" ID tubing (no greater than 1 ft. in length) with hose clamps.

Option 2) Use threaded adaptor (included) to attach directly to our Lilypons Pon Pumps 950 to 1800 gph.

Note: This item has 1-1/2" BSPF female threaded outlet; includes graduated hostetail fitting and 1-1/2" x 3/4" male threaded adaptor. It can be adapted to any pump with a threaded intake port and a flowrate between 950 to a maximum of 3,400 gph. Overall dimensions (w/o fittings) is 8" diameter x 8" long.

Pumps are required and sold seperately. Tubing and Clamps are optional and sold seperately.
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