PonPump 250

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Ponpump 250

All purpose Magnetic-Drive submersible Ponpumps are powerful, energy efficient, fish safe, and made for continuous use. Pre-filter included. Attach a 1/2" diverter valve (not included) to make this pump fully adjustable with a "dual" discharge for multiple funtions!

GPH @ 1ft: 250
GPH @ 3ft: 200
GPH @ 5ft: 75
GPH @ 9ft: n/a

Max height: 7ft
Inlet/Outlet: 1/2" threaded FNPT/MNPT
Outlet Tubing: 3/4" ID
Inlet Tubing: 1" ID
Amps/ Watts: .3/ 24
Dimensions: 6.4"X 4.5"X 4.6"
Cord length: 18'
Color: Dark gray
Warranty: 3 years
Replacement impeller: Ponpump 250 impeller
Replacement pump cover: Pump cover 250/350

Tubing and clamps are required and sold separately
Pump protectors and pre-filters are recommended and sold separately.

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