Lilypons Tote - Reusable Shopping Bag

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Lilypons Tote - Reusable Shopping Bag

"Lilypons Tote" Reusable Shopping Tote!

Using a "Lilypons Tote" when you shop helps to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Single-use plastics like water bottles and shopping bags are crowding landfills and endangering wildlife.

At Lilypons we care deeply for our environment and feel this is a great way to continue to do our part to make the world a better place, today and into the future.

Our sturdy bags are designed to be durable and last through many uses. The bags are 12*13*8" in dimension and the handles are 22". And we also want to mention, they're very beautiful and feature our waterlilies on one side and our fish logo on the other.

Now you can take Lilypons with you wherever you go!