45 mil Pond Liner per Sq. Foot smallest width is 10 feet

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&bull Flexible, black,Rubber
&bull UV-ray resistant
&bull 45-mil thick
&bull 20 year guarantee
&bull Free consultation for life, over the phone, by email, by mail or in person at our store.

Lengths 35-100 feet, widths 10 to 50 feet, both in 5 foot increments.

Please indicate your desired length and width in feet in the box provided. Quantity is total square feet and is equal to the result of the desired length x desired width. For example, if you wanted a custom liner that is 35 feet x 10 feet, the quantity would be 350.

These liners will likely be shipped via freight truck. Someone must be able to unload truck and sign for delivery. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Enter length x width for custom liner