Pondmax SF650 All-In-One Filter

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Pondmax SF650 All-In-One Filter
Submersible unit which enhances, cleans and maintains a health water feature, fish pond, water garden or fountain all in one unit. Specifications:
Max Pond Size w/fish full sun: 500 gal.
Max Pond Size w/out fish shaded: 1000 gal.
Pump Flow (gph): 660 gal.
Outlet: 0.5", 0.75", or 1"
UV Watts: 13
115 Volts
Power Consumption: 57 watts
Cord Length: 30 ft.
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Finally! Crystal Clear Water
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 8, 2020
So pleased with this filter. Can finally watch the koi swimming around and great to know they have the best quality water. I have built and enjoyed koi ponds in a co-op backyard in Manhattan, then on a condo patio with an elevated pond, and finally have an in-ground pond dug for my home. I have purchased different kinds of filters through the years and this exceeds them all. It also has a long cord ideal for where the GFI plug is and is easily hidden with plants and mulch.
Barbara Hobens