Cynthia Ann

Cynthia Ann

Nymphaea 'Cynthia Ann'

The smallest of our peach-colored lilies, Cynthia Ann has almost apricot-colored flowers standing 2" to 3" above the water's surface. Makes an excellent specimen for container or tub gardens as well as small to medium-sized ponds.

Hybridized by Dr. Kirk Strawn in College Station, TX, and developed by Joe Tomocik at Denver Botanical Gardens. Very free flowering. Richard Koogle saw this lily at the Denver Botanical Gardens, where it had been growing for nine years and convinced Joe and Dr. Strawn that it should be made available to the public.

Flower color: Peach
Flower size: 4-5"
Overall spread: 2-4'
Leaf size: 5-6"
Rhizome: Marliac
Light: Full sun
Recommended container size: 7.5 qt or larger.

Shipment prohibited to: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY.

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