Egyptian Paper Reed

  • Egyptian Paper Reed (bare-root)
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Tropical bog plant, Size L, Light: PS-FS
Cyperus papyrus

A large plant that can attain mature heights exceeding 10 ft. when growing unrestricted in its native climates, it is unlikely to exceed 4 ft. in our backyard environments. The seed heads are large, feathery and showy. Certainly beautiful when allowed to grow in a large pond setting or as a stand alone specimen in a patio container. This plant was used to paper and woven mats in ancient times.

Native to Africa and the tropics of Asia.

Habit/ Height: Vertical to 14 feet, (typically less than 48")
Water depth: 0-6" over the soil
Light: Full to partial sun
Bloom: Summer
Flower color: Brown
Hardiness: Zones 9-11
Recommended container size: 7.5 qt or larger.
Shipment prohibited to: RI, HI and PR.
Shipment restricted to: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY and UT.
For these states one $10 inspection fee ( item# 22222) should be included per order as they require a phyto-sanitary certificate for all plant shipments. Click here for scheduled ship dates for these states.

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