James Brydon

James Brydon

Nymphaea 'James Brydon'

Compact growth, dark round pads,unique, cup-shape, brilliant rose-red flowers that float perfectly on the waters surface make James Brydon one of the finest water lilies ever created! Hybridized in 1900 it has stood the test of time and was named Aquatic Plant Selection for 2006 by the International Water Gardening Society and is a personal favorite of Lilypons Vice President Richard Koogle. The new leaves are purple/maroon changing to green.

Hybridized by Dreer Nurseries in 1900. Free flowering.

Flower color: Red
Flower size: 4-5"
Overall spread: 3-4'
Leaf size: 6-7"
Rhizome: Marliac
Light: Full sun, partial sun
Recommended container size: 7.5 qt or larger.
Shipment prohibited to: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY.

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