Japanese Fantails

  • Japanese Fantails 3-4"
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C. auratus

Add some movement to your pond with this easy to maintain species that will complete the eco-system of your pond. Elegant tails and rounded bodies distinguish fantails from other fish.

Colors: Blue, gold, orange, red, white, black
Average life span: 15-20 years
Maximum size: 8-10 inches in length
Breeding size: 4 inches.
Recommended feed: Lilypons Pellet , Ponstix food or Flake Food
Predators: Racoons, birds, cats, turtles, snakes, and frogs.

Minimum fish order shipped is $50 (East of the Mississippi River). $100.00 minimum fish order (including tadpoles) for orders shipped west of the Mississippi River, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and southern Mississippi. Guarantee is limited to live arrival. Fish are delivered 24-48 hours after leaving our ponds. Due to summer heat, fish are not shipped when daily temperatures exceed 90 degrees F.

Shipment prohibited to: AK, CA, CT, GA, HI, ME, MI, OH, SD.