10 watt Pondmaster Clarifier

For ponds to 1,500 gallons. Beautiful, clean, clear water is "a snap" with this easy to install and use U.V. Filter. They are the only fully submersible pond UV filter making them easily adaptable to any new or existing pond. Operates with a long-life, 9,000 hour (about 13 months) bulb, and a fully attached watertight ballast. The viewport wraps around the entire unit allowing monitoring of the light from any angle.

Max Pond size: 1,500 gallons.
Flowrate to clarify: 500 GPH to 700 (maximum) GPH
Flowrate to sterilize: 190 GPH to 250 (maximum) GPH
Inlet/ Outlet: 3/4" barb (molded). Ports are not threaded.
Output Watts: 10
Input Voltage/ Amps: 120V AC/ .434
Dimensions: 12" long x 3" diameter
Cord Length: 18 ft.
Color: Black
cUL US listed
EPA EST 075604-NY-001
Warranty: 1 Year
Replacement Bulb: 10 Watt Lamp
Replacement Quartz sleeve: 10 Watt sleeve

Pump, tubing, and clamps are required and sold separately.

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  • 10 watt Pondmaster Clarifier
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