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Rana catesbiana 'tadpoles'

Tadpoles eat excess fish food, algae, and rotting plant material. They will turn into bullfrogs this summer or next. Winter hardy. CAUTION: Do not introduce bullfrog tadpoles into any area where they are not native.

All fish/scavengers are intended for use in enclosed bodies of water.Check with your local extension agency prior to adding any fish or scavengers to a non-enclosed environment.

Minimum fish order shipped is $50 (East of the Mississippi River). $100.00 minimum fish order (including tadpoles) for orders shipped west of the Mississippi River, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and southern Mississippi.

Shipment prohibited to: AK; AZ; CA; CT; GA; HI; ID; LA; ME; MI; MN; MS; MO; MT; NV; NH; OH; OR; PA; RI; TN; UT; VA; VT.

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