Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks

  • Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks, 4.94 oz red canister
  • $8.00
  • -+
  • Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks, 2.42 lb red bag
  • $28.00
  • -+
  • Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks, 3.31 lb red bucket
  • $40.00
  • -+
  • Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks, 5.18 lb red bag
  • $50.00
  • -+
Floating Koi and Golfish Food

Premium nutrition with natural color enhancers. A proper balance of nutrients that brings out vibrant reds and yellows on koi and ornamental goldfish.

Consider a Feeding Ring to contain feeding and a Pond Thermometer to check the water temperature.

Packaged in resealable containers and bags that offer so many benefits; especially weather and UV resistance that will keep your fish food fresh and dry, safeguarding its vitamin potency.

4.94 oz. size is packaged in a sturdy canister with lid.
3.31 lb. size is packaged in a resealable pail.
2.42 lb. and 5.18 lb. sizes are packaged in resealable bags.

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