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Acorus calamus

Showy, decorative plant that looks somewhat like Iris but its leaves are more graceful and brighter green. Its sometimes difficult-to-notice flowers are interesting "finger-like" clubs that are borne half-way up the leaf. Sweetflag derives its name from the fact that when any part of the plant is crushed or bruised it releases a distinct, sweet fragrance. Because of this it was stewed for herbs, and potpourri in colonial times. Native Americans used it medicinally in the past as well.

Native to North America.

Habit/ Height: Vertical to 36"
Water depth: 0-6" over the soil
Light: Full to partial sun
Bloom: Summer
Flower color: Green/brown/yellow
Hardiness: Zones 4-11
Recommended container size: 7.5 qt or larger.

Shipment prohibited to: HI and PR.

Shipment restricted to: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY and UT. These states require a $10 phyto-sanitary inspection certificate for all plant shipments. It will be added to the shipping charges. Click here for scheduled ship dates for these states.

More Information
Growing Habit Upright
Light Required Part Sun
Size Medium
Type/ Subcategory Hardy
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