“We LOVE Lilypons! BEST customer service ever! With some recent challenges with our new equipment, Lilypons helped us every step of the way and went above and beyond. Our pond has never been better and we’re so happy! We can’t thank you enough."

Carol Sullivan

Ashburn, VA

You have always been there when I needed questions answered or supplies. You are a wonderful resource, our pond is now at least 50 years old

Patricia A. Rogers Gibson

Island, MD

Ordered 12 water lilies and received them two days later, they were in excellent condition.

Bonnie Pavlok

Severna Park, MD

Had a mix up in order, called and received merchandise in 3 days.

Karen Chandler

South Blend, IN

Like the quality of your catalog -- nice pictures and descriptions.

Sandra Smith

Sonette, MT

We couldn't be happier with your inventory, your personnel, and your responsiveness. Thank you!!!

Ann Mulford

Arlington, VA

I love Lily Pons!

Patti Tokon

Sinyrna, DE

Our lilies and bog plants are doing very well! We are most pleased.

Merilee Hampton St.

Petersburg, FL

You're Great!

Richard Schooner

McComb, OH

Caring people, quick service.

Evelyn Hemphill

Bruce, WI

I've been a customer for over 20 years. That says it all. Thanks!

Janet Delaney

Austin, TX

Hand a pond for 12 years and you guys have helped me out several times with fish health and other problems. Very helpful! Thank you so much!

Denise Brodear

Charton, MA

Always got good stuff from you.

Lindsay Werden

Charlotte, NC

Everything is great!

Paul Speck

Mech, PA

After a hot, windy, summer my 200 gal courtyard pond was dark in spite of every chemical made -- I finally bought a Pondmaster 10 watt clarifier, 10 days later pond is totally clear. Best investment and easy to install just hooked it up to my old rectangular Pondmaster pump/filter. Thanks.

Joyce Juillard

Willis, TX

Satisfied with service, received order quickly, and was impressed with quality of product.

Shelia Ward

Lexington, NC

Thanks for such good service.

Margaret Burley

Alex, VA

Our plants are very good every year. They grow so well and become very large.

Peter Daane

Oostburg, WI

Very appreciative of the quality of service!

Ellen Goff

Oakfield, NY

Appreciate helpful staff and telling me about free shipping I was sent a few dollars more. Excellent!

Ruth Gross Martins

Ferry, OH

Items were sent promptly. Very good!

Christa French

Dectur, AL

We look forward to purchasing more water flowers and tadpoles next year.

Noel LaFlamme

Chicopee, MA

Very efficient operation.

George Mesick

Montross, VA