White Pickerel Rush

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Pontederia cordata 'Alba'

Grows upright to 30" and will tolerate shade, partial sun or full sun. White blossoms bloom thru the summer into early fall and are complemented with broad arrow shaped foliage. Shiny bright green, heart-shaped leaves with multiple spikes of white flower clusters combine to create a beautiful plant that is a standard of water garden ponds everywhere. Grows very quickly and easily will outgrow normal plant containers in a season, so annual transplanting is advised for best results. Similar to Pickerel Rush in all aspects except flower color.

Habit/ Height: Vertical to 30", spread to 24"
Water depth: 0-12" over the soil
Light: Full to partial sun
Bloom: Summer
Flower color: Blue
Hardiness: Zones 3-11
Recommended container size: 10" or larger.
Shipment prohibited to: LA, CA, HI and PR.

Shipment restricted to: MT, OR, WA, WY and UT. These states require a $10 phyto-sanitary inspection certificate for all plant shipments. It will be added to the shipping charges. Click here for scheduled ship dates for these states.

More Information
Size Medium
Light Required Part Sun
Growing Habit Upright
Flower Color White
Type/ Subcategory US Native Plant
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